Stop making fun of breast cancer...

...YES ! making fun !! you're not helping at all, not even 1%, you're just being stupid...

First, last year with all the "bra color thingy"  WHAT THE HELL ?? Did it ever occur to
your mind that "breast cancer victims" might not wear bras (because of the mastectomy)
so you're just teasing them, by shouting out loud, the colors and shapes of your stupid bras, something they can not wear anymore maybe !!
Then, this year, it's even worse !! I wonder how many of you are thinking about breast cancer
while posting statuses such as : I like it on my bed, on my desk, on the floor or on my toilet seat...It's just your frustrated sexual thoughts, that you feel the liberty to express publicly because "it's for the cause" and if it was for the cause, why hide it from men ? are you trying to tease them ??  or make them think you're a wild sex addict ??
( because even a normal person will think that way...so don't call them pervert with a wink ;)  when they like your statuses )

So Excuse me, but what exactly do purses and the colors of bras have to do with breast cancer? when did breast cancer become prurient? And why are so many people eager to cheapen a serious disease that so many others have made serious efforts to defeat?

P.S: to all my friends or people reading this article and feeling offended, please don't. It's not against you personally...ok ?


  1. Merci
    Pour toutes les raisons que je ne ciuterai pas ici.

  2. Hala ! Merci pour ton soutien et tes encouragements !

  3. Thankyu!!
    finaly... some respect.


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