Visual Notes 1

This is the start of a new genre of posts, one that is considered minimalist, a kind of tøom extra light. It is purely spontaneous and we can't promise any frequency of posting, so enjoy the below with captions in English and Arabic.
Have a great barbecue-sunday full of tøom extra!

 Road Sign - Beirut, Lebanon

 "Truck-Justice... how convenient!"
"العدل للشاحنات... كيف مساءبة"

 Building Parking - Mazraat Yachouh, Lebanon

"Very Private Parking, No Parking. How chic!"
"باللّه عليك شو يعني خاص جدّاً؟؟ شو شيك"

 Shop Window - Berlin
"What a wonderful idea!"
"شو هالفكرة الحلوة"

All images in this post are © Samah El Hakim except for "Shop Window - Berlin" © Maroon Sfeir & Farah Ghazal.
High-resolution prints are available upon request.


  1. موقف خاص "للصيد" وين؟؟؟

  2. I remember that I was the one who pushed the button of the camera to shoot the third photo, in addition to the fact that it was Farah's small canon. :)

    So "All images in this post are © Samah El Hakim." is a misleading statement. Habibe ya samah. Goodluck with your blog.

  3. we shared so many things in this trip so forgive me for this mistake, I thought I pressed the button.
    habibe ya maroon


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