What I miss the most. 1-The service.

We wrote a lot about lebanon, and about all the things we don't like, we criticized a lot but we were not positive enough...here's a positive series of posts in which i will write about things i miss in Lebanon.

1-The service:

How I miss to be served by a smiling young waiter/waitress, who will actually kill themselves to make you enjoy your meal or your coffee and all that with a tiny salary and a beautiful big smile...
...and I am telling you that because during this year I spent in this foreign country where I live, I never never had a nice waiter or waitress...NEVER ! they were all rude, lazy, not so young and I mean (50 years old and more) and not friendly at all...never giving me a minute do decide, kicking you out 10 minutes before closing, and don't dare asking her for a hot chocolate because the answer was :"Non !! J'ai pas envie de le faire" ( No,I don't feel like doing it ) and then she went and had a cigarette outside...and all that with salaries double and triple than a Lebanese salary.

Please people be nice with all the waiters and waitresses in Lebanon because they are really the best, working to pay out their studies or to help their parents or whatever, so please don't be rude and treat them like slaves.

So this is one of the things i miss the most...more to come in the next posts...

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  1. En Syrie c'est pareil. j'ai eu tellement de fois envie de hurler aux syriennes "le serveur n'est pas en train de vous draguer, il est là pour prendre la commande. alors c'est pas la peine de faire toutes ces manières espèces de ..."


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