What I miss the most. 2- Shaved armpits

Na it's not an urban legend... French girls don't shave their armpits (not all of them of course…not all French girls I mean eh?).

and trust me, it's not a detail, it can ruin a life in some cases...

I met a French girl in a club on my first year in Paris. The girl was sexy and funny… so i hit on her and started 10 conversations at the same time (classic efficient level 1 pick-up technique).

Anyways… later on, the DJ played a Latino song. So I wanted to move to the next level (and practice my basic salsa figures… level 2 pick-up technique)… So I invited her to dance…

Have you ever tried salsa figures with “hairy armpits” (the girl’s new nickname… am I not creative?)… and yeah when you notice that “feature”, the girl becomes a detail… the armpits hypnotise you, and they’re all you can see … they haunt you at night… I was this close from seeing a psy the next day...

This wouldn't happen in Lebanon, would it?... Lebanese girls even shave their eyebrows!


  1. Once I was on a train, and in front of me a lady was sitting and then she decides to take her suitcase that was above me and i then i discovered the jungle in her armpits...and i couldn't stop staring at her all the time, i had to move places, because i was eating...

  2. So you know what i'm talking about... and you know, when i'm in a restaurant in paris and see a hair in my food, i always wonder witch part of the cook's body sent me a warning...

  3. hahahahahhahahaha
    thats disgusting !!
    thats why I LOVE LEBANON !!

  4. mon mari vient de me demander "comment tu peux rigoler autant sur un truc que tu lis..." et j'ai même pas bu ce soir!

  5. demande lui de nous lire, il te comprendra :p
    ... eh merci pour tes commentaires btw.


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