What I miss the most. 4- Service drivers!

One day a ‘service’ driver, that person that used to drive me sometimes from ‘ Nahr el Mot’ to my university, a 15 minutes drive, offered me a gift, strange let’s say: a rosary that he bought specially for me on a pilgrimage trip in Lebanon
That same ‘service’ driver I once had a fight with: we usually had to wait for the car to be filled with 4, 5 or even 6 persons to go the way up to Roumieh, the place where my university used to be. Coincidently the Roumieh prison was on our way and Thursday was the visiting day. I arrived late that Thursday. People where coming to go to the prison, there was no other students. After 15 minutes waiting, the service driver asked me for the double price to take me up. Because there was no other person but me going as far as the university, he was going to take me alone (a taxi driving equivalent). I got upset, replied to him with anger, and left. That day I took another way to go to university, a longest one. I called my friends and told them what happened. When I arrived to university, at the middle of the course, the teacher already knew about it and welcomed me with those words: “Ah u finished your fight with chauffeur l service’?! “

I don’t know if that ‘service’ driver offered me that gift, 2 years later, to compensate the fact that I was angry with him once. I don’t know if he still remembered that event or he just did it for sympathy for me. I don’t know why he picked me up between the hundreds of persons he gives drives to everyday. I don’t even know his name now, all that I know is that I keep that gift like a precious diamond.

Service drivers don’t exist in France, do they? To people around you here you are either an acquaintance or a stranger. That category of persons between taxi drivers and friends don’t exist, that category of ‘chauffeur el service’ persons! People here that u don’t know only look at you with empty eyes, u only exist for them for the present moment as an object, or maybe u don’t even exist for them.
I really miss service drivers, I miss being in that car for 15 minutes next to another person in front, or next to other 3 persons at the back, without a seat belt naturally. I miss unconventionality in relationships. I miss those persons that still look at you as a person, even though u only serve them for their business, who will remember your face, to whom u still can express emotions, even though u don’t know there name, even though u won’t ever meet them again.
By: Rima


  1. there is a 'service driver' inside of every one of us.

  2. You went to Roumieh then! I used to hate those 'service' drivers; i guess we took them for granted.
    I had the same problem several times, so what i did is walking a few meters towards the end of the bridge and stopping one of the passing 'services', it usually worked!
    I miss those 'service' days, and the days when we had to hitch hike from Mafra2 3ein Saadeh!

  3. To Rani :Back then I hated that too but now that I remember it I think it was really cool :P Do you remember that paper they used to have with their names on it to have the order, and sometimes they used to fight over it ? :P
    I wrote that maybe to give honor to that particular service driver. I wrote it also because I wanted to point out the great symbolism service drivers represent to me now : a category of relationships that is absent in the society where I'm living now.

  4. The famous "Dor Min Halla2" dilemma!
    They used to play tawleh there also, no?


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