What I miss the most. 5- Chef Antoine!

This guy is an icon for our generation. Everybody knows chef Antoine! Everybody knows his moustache! Everybody has heard the mythical “chacoula”, “piti dé”, “boRRRad” or “RRRondeleet l banadouRRRRa”!

I love chef Antoine. He’s like a cartoon character to me. I used to watch his program whenever I could. The guy makes me smile. I love the character, his quotes, his way of welcoming his TV-listeners on the phone… yeah he always has this polite traditional answer… and the right one for the right occasion!  “ahla w salhla fiké Madame Khoury, kif l 3aylé? Nchalla mich 3am bi 3azzbouki bel akel? kifkoun bhal sa23eet? men3ayyedkoun w men 3ayyid tayfetkoun l karimi w mnetmanelkoun tmaddou 3id moubarak… chou fina nse3dik Madame?”…

I also loved his introductions. When a TV listener (a Madame preferably) calls him to ask him how prepare the Hummus* for example, chef Antoine makes a tale to introduce the recipe! “l Hommous men ahamm l 7boub w byedkhoul bi ktir mnel akleet l lebneniyye l 2assile… yousta3mal bi jami3 matabikh l 3alam, bass ne7na l wa7idin yalli 3melné ma3 l t7ini… l t7ini kamen men ahamma l maweed w aktara so7a, w fiya l vitamineet l matloubi la yekbaro l wleed w ysiro mhandsin”…

Chef Antoine, I salute you and dedicate this post to you. And to prove my gratitude to you, I will throw up the Domino’s pizza I’m eating right now, and prepare myself some healthy traditional “sa7en loubyeh bzeet”. W alf sa7tayn!

*tribute to our fellows Hummus Nation


  1. My dream was to call chef Antoine and ask him how to fry and egg :) bass talfizion Libnen khattoun ma bi3alli2 ;(

  2. lol eh nsita haydé "talfizion libnen"

  3. I used to watch his show with mum & Laughhh :)

  4. hahaha 100% there is also the part where Chef Antoine can actually cook all dishes only using an A4 paper !!!! lol he used to use the same A4 paper and fold it in all shapes to explain the recipes to all the callers !


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