What i miss the most 6- Neighbors.

"Chou ya jara? 7atayté el rakwé ?"
"Akid Charchoura, morra metl lsenik, ya 7ayé"
"Teslamilé 7afeztiné 3an el ghayeb, yalla ra7 sa2et el robe de champ (chambre) w enzal"

As much as this seems : funny, stupid, mean, kitsch. I MISS IT !
I miss hearing these discussions from the balcony.
I miss when my mom used to send me over to the neighbor's house to get her some flour or an egg or something she forgot to buy while shopping.
I miss to come back home at 5 A.M and see our old neighbor sipping her "morning" coffee and nodding in disappointment while whispering "chou hal jil"
I miss also when the electricity is off, and someone's stuck in the lift, how all the neighbors gather in the hallway trying to help the people inside, and it turns out it's me and i thank them timidly and say " kenet tal3a chouf khezen el may" ( because i live on the first floor ) and if they know i am taking the lift they will start to say :  

"walaw, Tante bass kenna b 3omrkon ma ken fi asconseur ( ascenseur , lift in Lebanese ) w ba3den lezem tet7araké chwey mech cheyfé ti**k addé sayra"

and here my mom answers saying :

"ma3lé trekouwa mraw7a ejra, w ba3den choufé t*z bentik abel ma te7ké 3an benté"

I love of all that, even tough back then it annoyed me so much that i had voodoo dolls made out of our neighbors faces !! but GOD how i miss this human interaction now !!
I've been living in this same building for more than a year now, and i know the names of all our neighbors by heart (of course from the mailboxes) I try to attribute a face to all of them, but i can't, because i've never seen them !! and the ones i cross in the hallway are always in a rush that they even forget to say Hi...

So to all of you back home or in any warm middle eastern country, enjoy the presence of your neighbors, be friends with them and appreciate them because : "al jar abel el dar" :-)


  1. Very interesting,
    same happened to me when i moved from our apartment in the 5th floor (the top) in beirut to the 32nd in Dubai. i realized after two years that my co-friend is my neighbour living in 31

  2. I am sure here i won't find any co-friend in the bldg...but Dubai sure holds a lot of surprises :)

  3. It's so true, here in the US it's the same, in my building I have people from everywhere, I do always so HI to the Armenians, the Irish and the Iraqis when I pass by and they say HI to me too, but no one cares about anyone here or has the curiosity or anything like in Lebanon to go beyond that HI how are you. And worse even some neighbors won't say HI back!!


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