Mum's on facebook!

Some of my friends have their parents on Facebook. No let me rephrase (to be more precise): some of my friends accepted the requests their parents sent them to be their friends on facebook…

When your mum sends you a friend request on facebook, you have 2 choices: 

Reject the request: you really really wanna do that! But you can’t! I mean… this is your mum! Duh! You can’t refuse this favor! And if you ever reject the friend request, your oriental mentality will make you feel remorse: “why did I do that? She kept me 9 months in her womb taking up all the trouble herself, then she raised me, whatever now I am is because of her and her determination to make me a man/lady, I accepted friends requests from people I barely know so how could I do that? and blablabla”… + she will remind you of this reject every day on lunch.
Accept the request: and this is where the real problems begin. Because now my dear friend, you’ll have to delete “sex and marijuana” from your interests and replace them by “reading and studying”. And the profile picture where you had a 1L beer and 2 cigarettes will be replaced by a picture of your graduation. 
And now my dear friend, you will start receiving invitations to join “Jesus loves you” and “al 7ob el 2awwal series” pages… and you’ll have to accept them if you don’t want to talk about this rejection everyday at lunch. 
The best part of all that is yet to come: she’s gonna read your news feed every 6 hours, comment your status, your friends comments, the pictures (you were proud of) where we can see your ass and tag you in some old family ridiculous pictures. 

I’ll end my post with message to my parents: I love you but you’re not my friends… so please just don’t join facebook and send me friend requests…


  1. When you choose to expose your life on facebook, your mum is the least person you should worry about....

  2. machilé yéha i was out of ideas this week lol

  3. well, i totally agree about parents on Facebook!
    i think this is where we can write a status and hide them from seeing it; creating a specific limited profile for them,,,, all those things related to privacy...

    but be careful...On Facebook, there is privacy, but no privacy on your blog... now... that's another issue to worry about!!!!!

  4. Exact Chantal, there's no privacy on our blog... so that parents know what we think! and stop asking us for beeing their facebook friends!

    Thx Anis, i wasn't sure about this post's success actually :)


  5. Hello,

    bicharafak wala mara 2aletlak ur mom: "7aderle chi kam soura la elak w lal 3ayle ta nazzeloun 3ende 3a facebook. ;)"

  6. مهضومين

    بهيك حالة فيك تفتح إسمين لإلك ع الفايسبوك
    واحد بتخلّي أهلك يكونو فيه وبيطّمنو وبيفرحو بإبنُن المهذب والمرتب والمثقف

    وإسم تاني بتكون فيه إنتَ عَ راحتَك بعيداً عن الصفات اللي "بتجرّص" اللي عدّيناها فوق

  7. hahahaha well I'm a mom on facebook and my daughter added me (still at that young age), and now all her friends added me.... and well that made ME SURROUNDED by young ones with their wanna be comments ... SO what if your mum sees your bum :))) if she has facebook she has to FACE IT!!! just be yourself, that's what we, mums, wanna check out :))
    (Ok maybe I'm one of the younger mums...)
    btw cute blog :)

  8. and on a more serious professional note, good logo...

  9. Thanks for your comment Anonymous.
    I like it... it's just another side of the cube.

    What if you write a post "My daughter's on facebook" and send it to toomextra@gmail.com so we publish it? (but it has to suite the blog's style of course :P)

  10. or you can keep them pending, forever and ever ;D


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