What I miss the most. 7- el Bonjus

Yes I do. I miss this chemical radioactive juice. It’s not that it’s natural, fresh or tasty. It has nothing to do with that. What I really miss in Bonjus pyramids is the savor that takes me 20 years back… I also miss its concept, with the Man2ouché.

… and this concept became my signature (or label) and trademark on ToomExtra! (“RODMAN2ouche w banjis”.. yeah “banjis” didn’t come from “bungee jumping”… duh).

Yes “Banjis”. Because  the Bonjus has several names in Lebanon. “Banjis”, “Bonjis”, “Banjous” or even “Banjouséyé” (yes believe me, I heard this one too). And the “banjis” always comes with a small straw: “chalumoné”, “chalamoné” or “chalumeau / chalumon” for the classy ones. Eh la2 3ayné, it’s called “paille” in french :p… see, now you have learned something from the internet :p

Anyway, the great thing about Bonjus, is that there has never been any TV commercial for it, but we all know what it is, we all call any juice pyramid “bonjus” and we all know it’s price! 250LL!!!


  1. Lol!
    Admit that u have already used banjouseye in ur life or to be more classy bonjuseye :p

  2. u didn't mentioned the birthday's cake with the basket of banjusseyet:) By the way this little pyramid still the most popular item in the founoun's cafeteria. I've tried one mango flavor last week. It took me ... 35 years back!!!
    Like always what you write emmmé:)

  3. my dear Samar:
    - very good idea ossit l cake wel banjusseyeet, ma fakkaret fiya... i wrote this post in 10 minutes, ken byenchaghal 3lé aktar, u'r right.
    - i thought that i have 2awazza signature: "RODMAN2ouche w banjis"... when i saw your nickname i changed my mind.
    - thanks for reading my/our posts and commenting! :D

  4. My dear Tony
    as always I made a mistake because of this silly technology. I thought you were The Nut Cocktail's writer. Ma3lech killkon awladi:)

  5. lol mni7a Mme Samar... you can adopt me.
    As the "What is Toom Extra" says, there are 3 writers in this blog.
    -RODMAN2ouché w banjis=>Tony,
    -Tarboun el basilikum=>Rana
    ... and Sama7 posted today by the way! (like all saturdays) so... enjoy! ;)


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