Al tahbil - dumbing down the society

التهبيل هي سياسة معتمدة من الدولة اللبنانية لتحويل اللبنانيين لأصنام وأشخاص متشابهة ذات وجهة وحيدة وإهتمامات سطحية .

Do you ever ask yourself :   
Why there was never a "proper" revolution in this country ?
Everyone is nagging about the situation but when it comes to moving or doing something to change, you hear thoughts like : "chou baddo yotla3 menna nahna" ? "hala2 ana wa7dé baddé ghayer hal balad"?.  But instead there was civil wars , civil wars are exactly what politicians want, to shatter the population, civil war is the revolution of the illiterate and the uncultivated. Revolution is when everyone is together against whoever is ruling, revolution is the gathering of the brains, but too bad there aren't many in Lebanon.
This is what i call "the tahbil" effect. Making the people dumb and numb, distracting them with silly problems and superficial events. 

Do you ever ask yourself:
Why you cannot have a "cultural conversation" with 90% of the Lebanese population ?
Once again this is "the tahbil effect", we have one of the most difficult education system in the world and what for? As soon as we leave school everything is forgotten.
Homeworks, exams, more than 15 subjects to study, severe teachers, punishments, costumes, and never the time to discuss, discover, read, actually LEARN !!!
We used to come back from school and study for 5 and 6 hours, they never gave us time to think...this is my friend what i call "Tahbil" because we were all following a system, the politicians made for us, so we all become identical reciting all together : watan el noujoum ana houna....

Do you ever ask yourself:
Why there isn't any cultural tv program on our Lebanese channels ?
"Tahbil" is the answer, all the shows on tv are about stars, what they call music, jokes, and politics, never a show like "questions pour un champion", "en toutes lettres", "envoyé spécial","karambolage", all i see is funny clowns running on a set, turning wheels to win money, naked artists trying to sing, and other clowns fighting like kids live !
How many Lebanese participated in "man sa yarba7 el malyoun"?
I know all these shows are copied from Europe and the US but they never copied the cultural shows...too bad, this is another way to make us stupid.

Do you ever ask yourself:
Why all of this ? 
All we think about is the next party, what to wear tomorrow, which car should i take to university ? which part of my body should i botox next ? but never thinking why Lebanon is more expensive than Paris ? Why our internet is the slowest on earth ? Why our phone bills are the most expensive in the world ? Why don't we have a proper transportation system ? and why and why and why ?
This is how we make the politicians safe about their jobs and lives because we are all robots not willing to change, not willing to stand for our thoughts,
because we don't have any.

( I wanted to start my year with a positive article, but something happened during my vacation and i couldn't find anything better to write about than this subject, Happy new year everyone, hope 2011 will be a good one, a year to change for the better of course. ) 

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  1. What is it that keeps more, I suppose as we would say "foward thinking people" from running for office in Lebanon? Is it the barriers to entry? Is it the perception of politicians in this country? I think that is where the answer lies. I have met many people with great ideas for the future of Lebanon, yet none of them seem willing to run for office, and resort to simply complaining about things. How can things change if everyone is too focused on the daily minutae to really do something about it?


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