I am Woman !

March 8. No it's not a "political Lebanese date", nor a date for a football game, nor my birthday...March 8 is International Women's day and as this day is coming closer, my post is dedicated to every women in the world, every women who worked hard to feed her family, raise her kids, open a business, achieve a diploma. I am proud of being a woman and i say it out loud, without us life is useless, and as always here comes the Lebanese government to contradict again everything that has been done by women for their equal rights since years and years. Everywhere in the world, every new born takes his mother's nationality directly, but not in my dear country, I don't have the right to give my child the Lebanese nationality
(Note: we are more certain that the mother is the real mother, than the father being the right one!) anyway myself who is married to a Swiss, this problem affects me personally because my "future" kids don't have any family in Switzerland and a big one in Lebanon, how can i make them understand that they are half Lebanese if they don't even have a passport, why will they want to learn the language or love a country that don't even recognize them ? We are in 2011 and this situation must change, we have to work as much as men do, we have the same needs and rights, why can't we give our nationality to our families the same as they do....This situation must change...Please help us spread the word...share this post, and join the causes and events below:


  1. No RIGHTS, No WOMEN! Thank you for sharing your personal appeal with us. Hopefully this won't be the reality much longer and legislators will wake up and realize that this it is unacceptable to discriminate against women, especially in this day and age!

  2. I hope so too Danielle, I wish i can do something from where i am...


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