What I miss the most. 8- Ras el 3abed

… or Tarboush Ghandour if you prefer… or if you think that “Ras el 3abed” has a racist overtone.
Anyway… this product is like Bonjus, it reminds me of my childhood: http://toomextra.blogspot.com/2010/12/what-i-miss-most-6-el-bonjus.html

Ras en 3abed can not be eaten like a vulgare cookie. Ras el 3abed fans have their secret ritual to enjoy it :

1- First you look at Ras el 3abed’s package top, to verify it’s authenticity… you don’t want the grocer to fool you! You want the Ghandour one. So you verify that the word “Ghandour” is written on the flag the man’s waving on the top of the package! 

2- Once you’re relieved about the product’s authenticity, you take Ras el 3abed gently with your fingers and turn it upside down with precaution… No, you don’t wanna break it! It will lose the fun and break the ritual! 

3- You take off the shiny yellow red and black designed packaging… and OUUUUF! The Ras el 3abed is intact! You’re released!... so you look at it with passion and raise a satisfaction smile. 
PS: what do those red and black tribals stand for? Anyone knows? 

4- You take a bottom-down approach: first you break a hole in its top, 

5- Then you use your tongue to attack the chemical white cream. 

6- And then the chocolate on the sides… 

7- You eat the small chocolate parts stuck on the biscuit, 

8- And you end the ceremony with the famous biscuit.

Yes my dear readers, eating Ras el 3abed is an art. What about you, how do you proceed?


  1. once you go ras el 3abed you never go back.

  2. I got so many points here, that's why i love reading your post. Thank you so much!
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  3. and we love your comments dear readers!!! ;)
    Thank you so much!

  4. I love it too! But I can only ever eat one per sitting. It's a bit rich!

  5. hahaha it's actually true that's exactly how it's done!

  6. Nice Post
    Ras El Abedologie est tout un art sophistiquer
    Waynak wein el Oenologie!

  7. De mon temps on finissait la cérémonie en lissant le papier d'emballage avec l'ongle sans le déchirer!!!


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