As promised, I saw the good side of it, that does not mean I was not angry and didn’t insult half of the population, but I was insulting positively.
Honestly I tried to see the good side of it, to spend time with my wonderful family and my close friends, to eat the best food on earth and enjoy the pleasure of shopping in Lebanon with a Swiss salary ! (oh yeah!)

What I enjoyed the most is the gathering with the readers of Toom Extra.
It was a nice meeting, we were about 20, we discussed the blog, the posts, introduced ourselves and filmed a small experiment: Swiss "Tête de Choco/Perrier" vs. Lebanese "Tarbouch/Ghandour".

I was also happy to know that a lot of my friends do read this blog and the call we got to go on TV was also a very pleasant surprise.
We would like to thank you for tweeting, sharing, reading, commenting. Thank you for your support.

I love Lebanon and each time the plane flies by the coast and I see Rawché I prepare to start crying and every time the plane takes off I am also in tears, even though I always say if I don’t have any family or friends in Lebanon I would never come back, but I always do and I think I always will. I know that my life is in Switzerland now but there’s a part of me that is stuck in Lebanon and doesn’t want to leave!

For instance: I was asked to register myself in the embassy in Bern to be able to vote as an expat for the next elections in Lebanon, but for that they will erase from the voters' checklist (ley7et el chateb) in Jbeil and I said no, as if a part of me doesn’t want to let go even though I know it’s over! 

Everyone thinks that living in better countries overseas is the best solution.
It is in some ways, but it’s really hard, you are shattered, you live in dilemma, your thoughts and feelings are confused.
You are always asking yourself questions like:

Where is my home?
Where do I want to live?
Where do I want to be buried?
Will I accept another passport ?
I am confused and I hate it.

Peace Lebanon, I love you all.


  1. at least you know everytime you decide to come you will be the most welcomed :D

  2. the most important question is where do i want to be buried :P enno chou bi 2asser wein? :)


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