I Hate you Lebanese bloggers.

I hate you Lebanese bloggers, that's not true in fact I love you , and I hate you at the same time, I cannot find a proper word to explain how I feel about you all, It's a love/hatred relationship.

Before I discover you, I was tranquil, the fact that I live outside Lebanon was ok for me,
I didn't really care that I left behind all the things I love and pulled the curtain down.
And then I found you all, and now I am addicted, I need my dose per day, of blog baladi, +961, Ivy, Sareen from ink on the side, body wotwat, Beirut spring, le blog de chanty, Micheline Hazou, Marie Nakhlé, Hala from je suis un cri, etc...

My morning ritual is reading all of your blogs, and how bummed I feel when there's no update, no new posts and I wait for a new post all day long, or else I go through all of your pages again again and again, and I feel I am home again. I catch up on everything
I missed in Lebanon. I hate you, because of you I want to come back and live in Lebanon. Me the outsider I never wanted to live in this country and since two weeks all
I have in mind is : I want to come back. This morning I read that Najib from blog baladi called Tanguy show and won, Dammit, I would kill to drive to work listening to Tanguy's voice. I envy Danielle from "This is Beirut" for being so courageous and choosing to live in Lebanon, and I the Lebanese, the blue passport holder, am rotting in a town surrounded by the Swiss Alps.

You are my news source, everything i am missing out is in your blogs and I
am enjoying every little detail. You brought back the love of Lebanon to my heart,
and for that i am thankful.

*Sorry if i missed out a blog, these are the first that came to my mind while writing.

A special Sorry to Tarek Chemaly (personal favorite blog) Beirut NTCS.
It was a *lahzet takhaleh* when i forgot to mention you. 


  1. Aww I'm so flattered to be mentioned in this list! I promise I'll try to update more than once a week! Soon I promise :D

  2. Great post! I am new to the blogging scene in Lebanon.. but I enjoy reading some of the blogs you mentioned!

  3. we hate you too! all the leb blogosphere hehe! j/k yalla come back (the one we didn't meet in last tweetup right?)

  4. I would've thought at least Ivy's would encourage you to stay away, with all the messed up Lebanese habits/quirks she talks about..

  5. I felt the same, took a deep breath and am moving back (is it really "back" when I'm a Lebanese born outside of Lebanon? I wonder). Anyway, it feels back to me.

  6. I'm happy that the blogs are making people love Lebanon coz we tend to nag all the time :) I'm thrilled that you mentioned my fresh new blog among this list of great blogs!

  7. Lovely post and thank you for the mention :)

  8. We love you too ;) You can live vicariously through them until you come back! And thanks for the awesome stickers.

  9. This will be the first time I have written. For me it's something new, but I really loved what's written because I feel the same about Lebanon. I used to hate Lebanon so I left and since I've been away for 2 years now, I think lebanon is the best thing ever, I WANNA GO BACK! I hope it will be soon.
    Guys, YOU have to get out of Lebanon to know the precious things we have in our country... I do love Lebanon

  10. im touched !!
    and its so true ! :)

  11. Nothing to cry about (OK, you did forget me in the list bu it's OK! :) )... On the positive side, you can get some Lindt chocolates where you are! :) Hmmm, it's not paradise here you know.... Why get all romantic about it? Tarek

  12. OH MY !! Tarek, BEIRUT NTSC how i missed your blog, my number one blog ! Next time i am in Lebanon, loads of chocolate for you ! ba3den it's not paradise here either, if i have to live in hell, i chose the hell where people speak my mother tongue and where there's mne2ich !

  13. merci..... je viens de lire.... et encore merci!!!! et moi aussi je t'aime!


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