Summer 2011

Summer 2011 has officially started few days ago… and I wonder how many “Summer 2011” albums there will be on facebook this year.
10452km², 18 religions, 3 languages but 1 album name: “Summer 2011”. What will Lebanese people upload in those albums?… all you have to do is to check Summer 2010 or Summer 2009 albums, change some places names, and here you go! You got your Summer 2011 album! 

So the 1st pic in this album must be taken in one of those trendy rooftops in Beirut… and in this pic, you always have the same kind of light effects, the same vodka bottle on the table, the same rounded glass in one’s hand, the same cigarette in the other, same smiling people around, guys with the same small beards, same sunglasses on the head, same bored people pretending to have fun everywhere!

The 2nd pic of Summer 2011 album would be taken on the beach… and this is where people zoom on their toes (never knew why)… and this picture becomes priceless if it’s taken in Cyprus or Turkey... since their toes look different on foreign beaches.

The 3rd pic would be taken in a forest… we love trees, haven’t I told you that yet? Isn’t it obvious? Just look at the way we treat our mountains, if you ever doubt in our ecological sensibility… So the 3rd picture should be taken in Zahlé, or Bekaa in general… a portrait in nature, of a guy in summer colors or of a girl wearing huge bee eyeglasses. I always smile when I see that kind of pictures. The landscape and the eyeglasses remind me of Zeina… you know the bee… ana zeiiina ana zeiiina alhouuu fil basatiiiin… Zeina was simple and fun… people in the 3rd picture aren’t.

The 4th pic needs a post by itself… a long dress, a joker’s* full make-up mask and a smily sweat face… it’s the Lebanese wedding pic! Don’t worry my dear readers, I’ll write a whole post about it soon.

Now let summer 2011 begin and hey, don’t forget to let us live all you summer’s excitement through your pictures on facebook!

* Allah yer7amak ya Heath Ledger


  1. @Krikorian: fi chi marra katabna chi mich true? :p
    thx for reading us!

  2. lol, very nice to ready, and i guess have a nice summer 2011

  3. LOL this is soooo true! ahahahahah


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