The beach rush.

" This is a post by one of our friends/readers. Thank you Georges Hamieh. 

I was reading this article on the net

and I was thinking that for the past 20 years I read thousands of articles like this one,
and till now nothing changed.
Private companies are still stealing our beaches and entrances are becoming more expensive.

Open minded people would say:
"yes but this will attract tourists and provide work opportunities!".
Now, if you consider the 2 Italian and 1.5 German people
that you met in Hamra or in Jbeil are the whole Europe, I think we have a problem.
Trust me, tourists won't pay 30$ to go to the beach in Lebanon,
when in Italy, Spain or France it will cost them only 3-5 euros and in Thailand they will get wonderful beaches for free!
Creating job opportunities?
Yes we need to create job opportunities for people so they can afford living in Lebanon.
Work more, so you can pay more, so others become richer.
What's the meaning of having a 2000$ salary if you are going to spend 2000$?
Isn't better if you work less and spend less if things were cheaper?
And what kind of opportunities are we creating, with all my respect to all the jobs,
Lebanese people are becoming, bar tenders, waiters, bouncers and valet parking "specialists"?!
And that's not all, in 10 years we're going to pay 100$ for entrance and things are not going to change, why?
Because people don't want it to change,
even some of us, those who were born after the year 2000 for example,
didn't even hear of something called free entrance.
That is perfectly normal: it's our national duty to pay all this money for a beach entrance in order to help "re-build the Phoenician Lebanon"!
How shocked they are/will be when they go abroad
and discover that beachs are cleaner, bigger and for free.
We allow ourselves to close roads, to occupy places, to burn tires,
to scream mythical, senseless love/revolution chants,
just because some stupid politicians asked us to do it,
but we won’t protest for what is our innate right: a free beach!

After we lost all our free beaches, we're now losing our sidewalks
next in line would be the air itself...
Sidewalks are not free anymore, they are occupied by the "valet parking specialists",
a new career that the beach resorts have created and have prohibited me from parking my car wherever I want to!

In general, the valet parking service is used by old or people with special needs,
those who cannot walk for a hundred meters.
But in Lebanon everyone is old with special needs.
If we are waiting for our dear government to change all this crap,
it won't.

Because most of our "representatives"
own all these companies/resorts/whatever
that are making them rich.

2 years ago I used to pay a valet parking
1 or 2000 L.P., now its 5 or 7000 L.P.!

When the beach entrance will be 100$, the valet parking will be 10$.
Never mind! Your salary will have become 10000$,
because you'll be working 22h a day... or stealing from someone!



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  2. Lebanon's services are crap that cost a fortune. Valet parking get paid to wreck cars. Beaches are expensive concretes. We are overpaying to live the experience. I used to live in Greece going to the beach meant, sand, rocks, and a clean see where i can swim. I used to pay 2-5 euros entrance and 2euros for a chaise-longue if I opted for one. That is if i didn't go to one of the endless public entrance free beaches.

    There is ntg left but those so-called 'experiences' in Lebanon.

  3. Last sunday, just wanted a QUIET place for resting, relaxing, watching the sea and... swimming.
    a friend talked to me about "lazy b" a "very nice beach with no music, no (crying/shouting/noisy) kids, gazon, comfortable chaises-longues" etc etc
    seemed tempting...
    went there...
    HAD TO PAY :
    5000 LL for the parking (the "regular" one without valet service)... had to walk 300m on a red-sandy road :(
    35.000 LL entrance (almost cried... but coming from Beirut to Jiyyeh couldnt go back home so easily...)
    5000 for the tiny mattress they gave me and had to beg for a parasol
    no to talk about the "menu"... and not the smallest opportunity that i can bring a man2oucheh or a bottle of water :(
    for 2, we paid 110.000 (2 entrances, parking, chaiselongue parasol, 2 small portions of fries one beer and one diet coke :(((((
    that was the price to pay for "no music" "no noisy kids" :(((

  4. add to all this, the guy (chab el 7aboub) that we meet on every beach entrance,
    the guy who's paid just to search in your bags looking for some food, and makes you feel like shit whenever he finds something.

    Give me a break!! it's not the airport checkup again...
    I just payed a 35000ll entrance, can I have the right to have a small bottle of water,
    the other half of the man2ouché that I didn't finish, or the sandwich that i enjoyed preparing it at home.
    Wouldn't be better for the resort if they economise this guy salary and leave us alone...but no they are creating job opportunities!!

  5. Public Beaches can create the exact same opportunities "private" beaches are offering. Technically speaking: All shops are allowed by the shore but not to offer a monopoly, rather to create a variety of choice. So let them be and at the same time respect others. When we follow the Law everyone is a winner. Why do we want a zero sum game when we can have a win - win situation ?

  6. Great post! This is something I never understood about Lebanon and how people have become complacent about it! Entrance to the beach might not be $100 yet..but by the time you factor in gas, price, food, drinks..it reaches close to $100 that's for sure! What a shame! I grew up where the beaches are free and I don't think I'll ever get accustom to paying for something that's supposed to be free. Seriously..

  7. I live in Dubai in an area which is a walking distance to the FREE beach were the sand is awesome the water is great ! They r lots of luxurious beach clubs in Dubai but u pay only for the pool .. The beach is free !! U can be living in the marina and enjoy a nice seat on the beach just facing the Ritz Carlton! I go to Lebanon I Wana spend a day at the beach and not the pool !! Sorry it's impossible ! As said in the post.. Beaches are occupied by private companies .. But what is more depressing is that not only took over the beach.. They build pools in a way it's impossible to just lie down on the sand !! U have to sit by the pool which has like a million jagal and jagloute in sunglasses all located '3a 7afit el piscine' holding a beer and smoking a cigarette w akid having THE look !! And speaking of Lazy B not only u pay 25$ for the entrance !! To sit by the pool in these big beds that are soaked in sweat and dnt know what disgusting stuff u have to pay and extra 20$ for that!! Or ur thrown someplace b Ekher el mashrou3!! And when I tell my Lebanese friends lets go to a public beach !! OMG it's like I just shot them in the face !! No way public beaches are for poor people all filled with "7awash" (sorry for the expression) well sorry iza tarboush el Papi m3ala2 3al champs aw khle2to b temkon mal2a3it de7ab !! And when these Lebanese go to Dubai they dnt want to pay 30$ to spend a day in Aquaventure at Atlantis or Wild Wadi.. They Wana just hang out at the beach and see cool people !! Yeah in Dubai people are cool on the beach !! In Lebanon Saro 7awash !! Sadly enough most of my friends think the same .. It's not the diploma it's not the degrees u have.. It's the way we r brought by our parents that are trying to hide the ugly truth about themselves and reflect their ignorance upon the kids that are well soaked in ignorance and prestige themselves !!


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