Little know it all

We all have in our circle of friends someone who “believes” to know everything about everything… Someone who gives his/her opinion about anything you’re talking about… even (and especially) when you don’t ask him/her… This person is usually an expert in politics, art, business, anthropology, astrophysics, finance, fashion, zodiac, poetry and even entomology (science that studies insects)… He/she even knows you parents better than you…

And it is funny how those people usually base their general knowledge on what they read on facebook or what they heard from other people … and what they heard becomes the truth, only the truth, nothing but the truth… without any references or any scientific proof…

I have the chance to be circled by many illuminated “friends”… so let me share with you the type of quotes I hear everyday:

- In Politics: ana 3am 2ellak jtama3o bi bériz, bas ma 7adan 3érif… wel “Cheikh El Me7ché” tara2o sa7sou7 lal “Captain America”, w2allo 7arfiyyan: “men boukra ana bsir ra2is el le3bé”… 2allo l Captain America: “khalas singouf”.
Question: if “ma 7adan 3erif” how do you know? And how do you know exactly what have been said?

- In art: Come on ma3roufé inno Mona Lisa kenit bento la DaVinci… ma houwwé Léonardo keno yghannjou “Mona” bi italia…. W Lisa ye3ne “bento la” bel telyéné l adim. Walaw chou 3am bet 3allemné? Ma ana artiste w ba3rif kif bi fakkro l artists… w aslan law byefhamo bi lebnen, kenet ana 3am bi3 aktar men Picasso….
Question: one mystery solved!... inno keno yghannjou Mona? Kifa Mona?

- Finance: Ana 3am 2ellak, europa badda tofrout wel euro baddo ysir arkhas mnel lira ekhir el séné… chouf chou 3am bi sir bel younen bta3rif… kella le3bit amerca
Question: inta bta3rif chou sar bel younen bel asses?

Anyways, yalla khallaset tonzir for today… let me end my post with a dedication to all my illuminated friends… a classic poetry verse by Abou Nawas: 

فقل لمن يدعي في العلم فلسفة حفظت شيئا وغابت عنك أشياء

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  1. personal relationships:ana 3am b2elak tony karam fehema lal la3be w deresa, ma ana ba3rfo mni7, ya3ne fine bfout bi rasso w befham 3ale 100%, w hayda el post men 2a3zam 2a3melo ;)

    question: who the hell do i think i am? :P

    لا تَحظُر العَفوَ إنْ كنتَ امرَأً حَرِجاً
    فَـإنّ حَظْرَكَـهُ فِي الدّيـن إزْراءُ
    whatever that means it does complete urs :D


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