Tourist Tips - Part 2 - Lebanon Summer 2011

Dear tourists,
I hope that this sequel will be more helpful for the rest of the summer season in Lebanon.

We still have seriously no clue how our country is still going,
while we're still sure it's a great place, to be in.

The following tips are practical -most of the time- and will help you understand even more this cuckoos' nest you've come to spend your vacation in.


1. When you're in a car on the highway and there's a man trying to "sneak" from one side to the other while waving at you, please wave back while you're shouting/screaming or else you will be breaking the most basic of Lebanese courtesy rules.

2. "Barbar" isn't the inventor of "Shawarma" (both chicken & meat).

If you happen to be discovering Jbeil's old souks and craved for a man'ouché, it's better to ask some Lebanese guy to buy it for you otherwise you'll pay 10,000L.L. for it.

4. No, we don't eat tabbouleh at breakfast.

Chicha-Arguileh-Nargileh-Hookah -or whatever you call it- will be there in most restaurants, clubs, cafés and even swimming pools: love it or leave it.

6. "Zicco House", "Saifi Village" or "Beirut Art Center" are not really references for our national contemporary artistic scene/heritage.

7. Whether you're a blond girl from Scandinavia or a brown guy from Brazil: people are going to hit on you big time, so deal with it and don't you nag.
If you want a quiet, nice holiday go to Tibet.

8. If you happen to find a bus stop, take a picture and continue walking: it is a rare artifact of our cultural heritage and most of us haven't even seen one.

9. Most people are friendly in Lebanon and helpful, they'd be more than happy to give you directions, a ride, a light and even some love if the situation permits it.

10. If you want to thank someone, never use "choukran", he/she probably won't understand; use "merci" instead.
11. Security check points are meant to keep you safe -even if your passport is upside down when they check it- be worried the day security officers or army vehicles are no where to be found on the roads.

12. "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" means: You're welcome as relatives/parents & consider our valleys/properties as your own". [ Yes, really :) ]



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