10 things our kids may never know about

1- The agonizing squeak of a US Robotics modem connecting...

2- The audio tape… and how to unblock it with a pencil...

3- The mobile phone with its extendable antenna...

4- The TV that perfectly functions with 2 antennas (and even sometimes a fork), a button for each channel (or a disk), and with no remote control… So at every ad, you have to get up from your sofa, head to the TV, and change the channel...

5- The encyclopedia's concept and Encarta CDs… Thank you Google! 

6- The watches with imbedded calculators … And 12 useful buttons… 

7- The tedious effort of closing car windows with manual handles…

8- The film cameras… Especially the 110 camera films …

9- The infamous “Ras El 3abed” … Maybe “Tarboush Ghandour” will also have its glory…

10- The ball inside a computer mouse. And the expertise in opening the mouse from time to time and cleaning the ball!


  1. ufffffffffffff!!
    i managed to forget those details !
    nice reminder :)

  2. ma chaklak btenssa wala chway tony! mmmmm ;)
    nice post :)

  3. Thank you for reading us people!

  4. i always think abt these things :S especially that audio tape!! (and the mouse haha)

  5. and their mother age :P:P

  6. hahaha! Us robotics and Encarta!

  7. My favorite was the Walkman ! Preferably the tape ! Still got mine I think or I hope mom kept it :) classic !


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