Where do Lebanese Movies go now?

Our movie industry is a disaster. In the 21st century, we’re not capable of producing more that 1 or 2 movies a year… and 95% of them remain local… while in the 70’s we had one of the best movies industry in the middle east.
It’s very weird actually… especially that Lebanese people are born actors. Our society teaches us acting since our childhood.

At 7 we all played Javier Bardem in Biutiful and faked sickness, headach or stomach problems to avoid school… some of us even got hospitalized for that…

At 12 we all killed our grandma 10 times to avoid exams, and faked sadness and tears. Even Manuella and Maria didn’t cry that much in the 3000 episodes of their Mexican series.

At 15 we all played Joey Tribbiani (from Friends) when it came to girls... we all acted like experienced and professional pick up artists in our 1st experiences… “how YOU doin?”

For their 18th birthday, most the Lebanese parents offered their sons the driving license. And since then, most of us became more credible on Jounieh’s highway than Vin Diesel in the Fast & Furious…  “ … don’t worry baby, a real driver knows exactly what’s in his car”… right…

At 22, some were Don Corleone when it came to talking about their jobs… yes, at 22, they already were the godfathers, the bosses in their enterprises…

At 28 we all played Nixon when talking about politics. Most of us surpassed Anthony Hopkins in his 1995 movie.

So… with all the experience we have in acting, Lebanese actors are less then amateurs… watch 10 minutes of any Lebanese series you mum watches, and you’ll see it by yourself. .. Sorry Mum…

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  1. hahaha turns out im an actress after all! How u doin ;)!!


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