Friendship, an eternal love story.

I got inspired for this post from  "Almaza Valentine 2012 "   (Thank you Adonis) , 
it made me realize that nothing is worth a good friendship in this world, and most 
specifically a Lebanese friendship. 

I've been outside Lebanon for 5 years now, and i met a lot of people, and some of them are good friends, and few of them are true friends, but i've never met someone like my lebanese friends, maybe i am lucky, maybe we don't share the same opinions, but let me tell you about my friends. 

Friends that dedicate all their time to hang out with you, every time you come to lebanon since 5 years now, they wait for you at the airport , they drive you from Beirut to Jbeil at 4 a.m after a party, just because you don't feel like driving ( yeah, I am a spoiled brat ! ). They drive your friends to airports, and they give them a haircut and a manicure. They prepare you the best bachelorette party ever, and they dance on your wedding, as if it was theirs. 

Those same people, are a huge part of your life, that the fact not talking to them everyday creates a big void in your life, you take a 3 hours ride to see them for 2 hours, and you take planes to see them for two days. You give them money and you don't count, because you know if you ever needed them, they'll give you all their belongings. 

Some of them you know before your own siblings and some of them you can't differentiate from your own sister and brother. 

These are friends worth writing about, worth loving and respecting. I am blessed to have such great people in my life. I dedicate this Valentine's post to them, because from time to time it's nice to say I LOVE YOU dear friend. 

Happy Valentine's friendship day. 


  1. you're so lucky, i guess they're just reciprocating :) I've met alot of amazing ppl like you and your friends but I guess that I'm just a lazy lousy person so I'm not setting the stage for something great like what you have :)
    I'll try to be generous like you :) xx

  2. Hey Thanks, what a great comment :) would love to know who are you though... Rana

    Nees Top of the list <3

  3. <3 j'aime.... et je t'aime a toi aussi!!!!!


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