All they care about is the "LIRA"

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No traffic rules, no traffic regulations, no women's rights, no proper postal service, no security, crimes, thefts and corruption. The government is corrupted, the chamber is corrupted, water is corrupted.
No electricity, lousy internet services, expensive phone bills, no public transportation.

No hygiene control, rotten food, bridges that can collapse from a minute to another, buildings collapsing,
Police officers eating chicken, bitches parking in handicapped parking spot, unregistered cars, unregistered trucks.  Free education ? forget about it.

Mountains of dirt and garbage, pollution, pollution caused by cars, the beautiful zouk power plant, no recent history book, foreign workers not registered, foreign workers beaten to death, unemployment, underpayment, historical buildings demolished...

And from all of this our government decided to regulate the bloggers, all they want to put law and order on are the Lebanese bloggers, as I call them " la crème de la société". Instead of trying to regulate all of the mentioned above, our lovely government want to regulate the brains, the educated people. The people who can actually make a change. They are afraid of us, we can be sure, they are afraid of everything clever that can threaten their plan.

This is a threat to our freedom of speech and expression, we can also take it as a compliment, because we are strong and cultivated, and our politicians don't want people like us in the society, they prefer having a herd of sheep following them blindly. We shall not be shut down. Let's join forces to stop LIRA.

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