The 1-2-3 of Tarboun L Basilikum

I've been thinking about a post for a week, something that can make us think/cry about our situation and the society we are living in.
Through my daily reading of Lebanese blogs and news, I stumbled upon 3 stories, that made me want to break my computer screen or rip my eyes off.

1- ABC - Al Khourya Al Kabira / الخرية الكبيرة
Source: Blog Baladi that led to read this article.
It made me think about when I was in Paris on Easter, we rented a nice apartment from a friend's friend, the house was on Faubourg St Honoré , we were just facing the Elysée (President's house) and of course while passing by I wanted to take a picture  because the gates were open, the guards were standing in front of the gates, and when they saw me taking the picture... wait for it... they moved from my frame!
© Toom Extra - 2012
I was all shaky and scared, the picture is not really great, but the point here is that they moved away, so they let me take my photo.
Imagine doing this in front of Baabda!
Or imagine doing this in ABC, especially in front of a Christmas tree that your kid loved so much and wanted to take a picture with, yeah but nooo!
You cannot take pictures in ABC! You wanna know why?!
Because of all the bimbos and men with cigars, going out with their friend's wives or their kid's teachers are there, it will cause a major divorce problem in Lebanon. You'd think it's about the ridiculous teddy bear tree, but it's not, it's about preserving families and reputations.
You missed the big point here.

2- Kan Gheir Chekl El Zaytoun / كان غير شكل الزيتون
For a while I thought this is Dubai, I think everyone's saying this (most of these people haven't been to Dubai)... Anyway, this might look like Dubai but as much as you think that Dubai is superficial, you're wrong!
It's a beautiful new city, and the expats over there are simple, easy going, they go to the marina, they just drink have fun and forget about their L.V. bags and their Loboutin shoes etc...
The only superficial people you might see there are Arabs and Lebanese...
What the FUCK happened to Beirut!? What is this place? I bet it's gonna be full in summer, people will be enjoying their 40$ salads, while their debts in banks grow bigger and bigger...
Since when Beirut needed towers to be beautiful? Back in November my friends came with me to Lebanon and they wanted to check out art museums, I really didn't know where to take them, in every city in the world, there is an art museum. We have lots and lots of great painters and sculptors, but all we want to show to the world is how we party and bitch out at night.
This is the plan, they are trying to dumb us down, with their shiny lights and money, and we are failing to resist and ask for what we really deserve.
Bravo, I am sure everyone who's reading this (maybe me) went or will go to this bay, what can I say... we are puppets and they like to play.

3- Al Wayl! / الويل
Blog Baladi
Again... What the fuck!
We Lebanese people are so proud of ourselves, we are so nice, generous and kind. If someone needs help we are the first people to offer our house and services.
Something's missing...
If someone (while thinking to oneself: "I hope he's/she's gonna be Lebanese from my religion") needs help we are the first people to offer our house and services, but if you hit an Ethiopian woman like an animal with your car, you just run away, because "she's black, yeah she's dirty, she doesn't belong here, anyway what was she doing outside the kitchen?".
Where are the nice and simple Lebanese people, I cried my eyes out when I left them 5 years ago? Please don't blame it on war! The Germans, the Polish and other European countries were devastated in WWII and I don't see them acting that way... Japan is still suffering from the nuclear bomb and the tsunami consequences and they are very civilized people.  What happened to us?
I am so excited for summer to come and see my family and friends again, but I am already apprehending the meeting with the society w chramita...

Prepare for our next project:
A Darba Al Kadiya / الضربة القاضية


  1. not impressed with this post unfortunately! it's immature and lame :S especially the linguistics you used! ba3dena basing ur stories on another blog, be creative. We know you can

    1. Yeah... well we try Jamie.
      Thank you for your creative comment, keep them coming please, we know they will enrich the "linguistics" in our blog.
      As for "basing ur stories on another blog", well my dear this is what the Lebanese bloggers are all about, sharing and supporting each other, we just based our writing on facts that Blog Baladi brought to us.
      Thanks again for your feedback.

  2. Hmmm, I disagree, what Tarboun el Basilicum brings is something always fresh with a new and twisted insight! As for basing her stories on another blog? I am not sure which blog you mean! It is common knowledge that Zaitouni used to be the brothel area for example of Beirut. Well, if I would suggested something, it would be for you Jamie to be creative with your own comments, Tarboun el Basilicum is doing a superb job with hers!

    1. Thank you Tarek for your kind support :)

  3. je dirai pas mal :)

  4. jdirai un peu vulgaire..

    1. J'adore les libanais qui voient du vulgaire dans un texte écrit spontanément, sans limites et directement du coeur, mais qui ne voient pas la vulgarité constante et journalière de la société dans laquelle ils vivent.
      Merci pour le commentaire quand même.

  5. موقع جميل وشيق وموضوعك جميل الامام دائما انشاء الله

  6. i would like to emphasize on the 2nd subject. everyone is thrilled and amazed by zaitouna bay. everyone is excited to enjoy a cup of coffee next to the water, and walk on the wooden platform.
    zaitouna bay is a failed project for me. it only targets a specific category of people: rich arabs and lebanese high end class. only them could afford eating there, only them can enjoy the yachts.
    everything is so artificial. i think its another place where lebanese can do what they're best at: show off. all you see is high heels and fake boobs, all you smell is cigar.
    why would such a project be build in a yacht club? why would only rich people have the accessto such facility? why would my sight be blocked by a large concrete wall when i look at the sea?
    why wouldnt it be more natural? why couldn't we have free access to water, to the beach, as in every other country in the worl?

  7. "The only superficial people you might see there are Arabs and Lebanese....
    اللبناني عايش عالمظاهر وصارت الشغلة بتقرّف للأسف
    ما في غيرون بيحبو الكنفشة والتفشيخ اللي ما إلو طعمه. حتى دبي قرّفونا ياها

  8. Im boycotting solidere's project specially zeytouna bay. In fact, on detrui des maisons et on met d gens ds la rue pour faire un truc ki ne correspon meme pa o patrimoine culturel du pays.
    Tu n a pa trouve de musé o liban car solidere se permet de construire d trucs banal ( zeytouna, souk beirut, la rue des pubs o centre ville) sur des ruines et personne ne pe les empecher! Effacer un patrimoine culturel de X annees pour d debilites!


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