1% Lebanese designers.

I went to Lebanon, and as I mentioned in my last post, I was going with a positive attitude to enjoy my whole vacation because I needed it. And I did, it was the best vacation I ever spent over there...between my friends' pub in jbeil - The best rock bar ever where we had our Extra Gathering - and my friends and family, it was great...nothing more to say. Only one thing caught my attention and I couldn't stop myself from writing about it ...

We went once to ABC Dbayeh - the whole concept of ABC dbayeh makes me want to puke by the way - the VIP cinema, the valet parking, the lips, the boobs, the chest hair and the cigars...but what triggered my anger was the "Lebanese designers" corner. I was curious to check out the work and encourage the designers by purchasing something from their collection, I grabbed a nice bag and asked the salesperson about the price. She said 250 $. I must have reacted with a weird facial expression as she told me " if you want something cheaper, you can check out these wallets, they are for 150 $ " Double weird expression, I thanked her and left...

I couldn't stop myself from thinking about the outrageous prices of the items in this section. Who are they selling them to? 99 % of the Lebanese population cannot afford these bags, and I mean some of the stuff are not even their designs, and I am sure the production costs are not that extravagant...

I would love to encourage the Lebanese designers but I won't pay for something quintuple it's value! Buying couches from "Souk el ahad" and selling them for 2000 $ is unacceptable. Putting a street name on a bag and selling it for 250 $ is not tolerated.

Instead of having affordable prices to empower the Lebanese production and the Lebanese artisans, well let's aim for the elite and to hell with the other 99% .
Too Bad !


موجز سريع بِجنّن

قدّ ما نفكّر ما رح نعرف كيف ماشي بلدنا.
إيه هيدي عم عيدا (أحسن ما حدا يتّهمني بإعادة الأفكار).
عم عيدا لأنّها بتجنّن... بلدنا بِجنّن!
كيف ماشي؟!
والله ما بعرف بس مبارح انتبهت إنّو وصلنا لمرحلةجديدة...
لعصر جديد صار فيه 
الـ UPS بدّو UPS ليجرّب يضلّ صاغ!
سورياليٌّ أنت يا بلدي
وفيك نعيشُ عالبلدي
قاعد عم بضحك وحدي
تعا قرّب قعاد حدّي