Explosive Combos: Part I

Among the rich aspects of Lebanese society, other than the cultural, religious and geographical ones, exist micro-aspects that are also known as "explosive combos".
An explosive combo consists of a special character combined with an ordinary object that becomes enchanting & extraordinary once the combination takes place...

1. The ATV Prince
On top of his brand new ATV (which isn't his most of the time), sunglasses on, hair-gel working its magic on his hair (because the helmet is for sissies only) and i-shirt on, our guy  made sure to remove the safety sticker that says "This vehicle is not suitable for asphalt roads and may cause serious accidents that can lead to death. Please use it only on dirt/mud terrains."
He makes his way on asphalted roads taking good care of splashing into any mud/water/sewer/dirt hole and making sure to smile as he advances into the sunset.

2. Princessa Academia
She's beautiful, slender, has a nice smile, is her daddy's girl and whenever she passes, everyone turns to look at her and inhale the fresh fragrance that is left behind. She's studying to become an "artist" of some sort: graphic designer, art director, architect, director, photographer, interior architect, painter, actress, etc...
Her only problem is that high-heels are part of her "academic" uniform (regardless if she's good or bad at what she does).
Why, for art's sake are you punishing yourself my dear? WHY?

3. The iPhone Jedi
The summer heat boiling outside, your A.C. is barely keeping you cool, you're exhausted, the traffic-jam seems endless, the advertising panels torture your eyes, the traffic signs are off on that crossroads and for some reason you lane hasn't moved for 15mns now...
Finally, you advance to the next crossroads and on your way you glimpse the horrifying truth: 
the traffic officer is standing underneath his protective umbrella, focusing on his iPhone and clearly living an intense level of "AngryBirds" or "FruitNinja"...

4. The Warrior Mum
As she approaches, a look of determination in her eyes, fearless, glowing with pride and self-confidence. Shades on, A.C. on, cell phone on, full make up on, "maid" on-board, kids on-board, she ventures on the Dora highway taking down whatever comes her way (whether she knows it or not) for she is driving an H2/Infinity FX 45/Range Rover Sport Edition or some other wild beast from that family.
Her skills are lethal for anyone driving next, in front or behind her... With only a single movement of her cell phone she can smash you lights, bang your door, tear that tiny mirror of that pathetic insect you call car or even make you smash another car by a single maneuver in which she crosses the highway from side to side!
All for the sake of protecting her hatchlings and making it on time for that "coffee date" with her boyfriend in Beirut Souks...

Prince, Princessa, Jedi and Warrior all serve in the Kingdom of Shallow!

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  1. Much appreciate the funny way you describe all the characters, but I do think that you should watch a movie called: "Bimboland" who knows maybe you will change your point of view :)

    N.B: it's not a stupid romantic movie.


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