So this upcoming week is my birthday and I am gonna be 28 :s
I really can't remember how I got here.

So now I'll hear more of "walaw?! ba3dik lebssé Converse?" / "Walaw sorté 28 ba3dik btesma3é Metallica?" /  "Ste7é 3a kobrik w chilé hal 7al2a men 7ajbik..." and the worst: "Emtin badna ne2cha3lkon? Sorté 28 mech 7elo el fare2 ykoun kbir baynik w bayn wledik..."
("You still wear Converse?" / "You're 28 and you still listen to Metallica?"/ "Remove that brow-piercing will you? You're 28 for God's sake!" / And the the most obnoxious one "Come on! When are you going to have a child? It's not cool to have a big age difference between you and your child... ")

mmmm... Every year I get anxious around my birthday period, because I don't wanna hear these remarks and expressions, I didn't know there was an age limit to wear Converse, or to listen to any kind of music...

Speaking of music, we went to see Within Temptation's concert in Forum de Beyrouth this summer, the opening act was one of the greatest female voices in the world "Anneke van Giesbergen", we were around 800 (eza cha2et 7ala), one of my friends told me last week in Pitbull's concert it was a full house Forum, while another friend told me that there were around 20 people in Moonspell's concert...

I feel sad for the metal scene in lebanon which is a great one with a lot of promising bands (check out the list here). The Lebanese should educate themselves and understand that Metal-heads are not bad people, they are not satanists and they don't drink your blood in your sleep. Metal's most influential musicians have been guitar players who have also studied classical music, but then again whenever we hear classical music in Lebanon we ask "Min met?" (Who died?) 

Yesterday we got our tickets for WOA (Wacken Open Air) the biggest heavy metal festival in the world, which I had the chance to attend in 2011, and it was one of the best experiences in my life, those people you see wearing black, tattooed and pierced are the most friendly and peaceful people on earth,  and like we say in Lebanese "ma sar darbet kaff " (There was no fights nor brawls), and guess what? There were 60-year old fans and even 70-year olds!  So that proves my point that Metal has no age and we will be camping again this summer in Wacken land.

Anyway, I'll also be extremely happy this wednesday to hear my parents singing happy birthday on the phone and my friends calling me like every year (without facebook's help ;)) and everyone else on fb, I'll be 28 yes but at the end what counts is that in my head I will always be 24 and METAL EJRÉ :)


  1. Happy Birthday.
    Keep banging your head no matter how old are you.
    hope to get to Wacken 2013.

    1. Thank you, and i hope you got your ticket, because it's sold out !

  2. Happy Birthday. And who are those people who ask you those weird questions? LOL Bass Metalhead w wearing converse, kif hay? Kidding! Age is but a number (trust me) and One day I will make it to wacken as well *sigh*. Enjoy this one. On the plus side, at least ma bi koun fi 3aj2a in metal concerts, I always enjoy them the best minus the 7awash :)

    1. Thank you and sorry for the late reply...i swear people still ask these questions....ba3den you don't need to look like a metalhead to like metal :) converse are so comfy !
      Talking about 3aj2a, well in wacken there's a lot of people ,but it's so well organized you don't even notice :) thanks for the comment !


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