Wake the fuck up you racist bastards

Oh look at them! How beautiful, stylish and open-minded they are!
They are even dancing on bars, oh wow, so cool! They all go to universities and get at least a Masters Degree!
They all are managers or directors. Oh my God how do they do it?!
The Lebanese are so great, we so want to be like them!

Yeah, this is what you think people are saying about you, you silly superficial bastards, but the whole world is talking about how racist you are, about how stupid and arrogant you are.Who do you think you are?
Do you think you were born from a golden imperial egg, or that you're superior to the Human race?
Just give me a reason! I need a fucking reason!

Why do you think you're too special and can't sit next to an Ethiopian?
Why do you think you can ban an Indian tourist from swimming in your pools?
And now it's gone too far... you're banning Filipinos and Nepalese from talking in the airport lounge?!
These same people raised your children, fed them, and tucked them into bed while you were tucking yourself in another bed with your lover.

Middle East Airlines should fire the stupid racist uneducated employee.
MEA should present excuses to both the Philippines and Nepal embassies.
MEA should be ashamed of hiring such people.

I don't know why they act that way? I really don't know, I have mixed feelings of anger and sadness, I just want to cry, I feel ashamed.

I have an Indian friend who wishes to come to Lebanon, and I've been postponing it for two years now, I don't know what to tell her... like" I am sorry if you come, you'll have to wait for me outside the bar, or you're going to be asked to wash the dishes"...

Wake up people!! I so want to slap you all, one after the other, so bad, maybe I can break your arrogance gene...
Wake up people, we are all born equal, it's not the color of your skin, your education level or your work title that make you better than the rest!
We all belong to the same race, and it's the Fucking Human race. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Update : MEA fires female employee - We hope this will be a lesson to everyone.


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  2. where do i start my compliments
    this post is beyond beautiful and strong
    you made my fucking day by shaming and blaming MEA bastards
    well said
    well done
    good job homeys
    we want more

    1. Thank you Yara, Together we can do more and stand up against Racism. Thanks for reading.

  3. No need for too much cussing, it doesn't make any article better, but it's a good article. That's all.

    1. you are right, it's a bit too much, but we wrote it in an anger rush, and it came out very spontaneous. Thanks for reading anyways...

  4. Good article, but I would rather you had used sarcasm instead :)

    Also, considering this statement "your education level or your work title that make you better than the rest!" I do not agree with. I think it is the person you are or the life you lead that makes you better or not.

    Anyone that is racist in Lebanon is not at fault in my opinion just the same as being sectarian, it is upbringing and lack of education.


    1. your education and title may give you status and a little more privileges...but your essential rights as a human being are equal no matter what.
      these people are thousands of miles away from their families, working for extreme hours and getting the lowest of wages... we cannot change their reality, but we can at least treat them as humans.

    2. Honnestly i wanted to be more sarcastic, but i couldn't i was just angry !

      Its not the life you lead that makes you better, no human is better than the other...you can be better in your work, in your studies, in being a father or a husband... but you cannot be better in your nationality and race, because they are all equal.

      In lebanon Racism is not only based on the lack of education and culture, but it's also based on the arrogance, and the "we know it all attitude".

      thank you for reading Joubran.

  5. The article is a little too extreme. MEA might have been racist or some hostesses have been but this is a sample and not the general croud. I know a lot of my friends went to lebanon, from ANY race and they had a great time. Hospitality is still there in lebanon and only the "Nouveau Riches" stereotype is what you describe.

    1. Of course this is just general but 90% of lebanese are racist and this is the reality, we should stop denying it .Truth hurts.

  6. So Rana, you are boycotting MEA on the way back from Switzerland? Otherwise, what's the point?

    1. Jusque là je n'ai pas eu besoin de prendre la MEA, 1200 dollars le billet de Genève à Beyrouth :S
      In november i am traveling first time on MEA.
      Hypocrite, non ;) ?

  7. You cannot generalize that all Lebanese are racist and have such an aggressive tone while saying it. This shows that you are maybe doing worse than those two staff members. Name calling was never a good argument and debate… I might understand the reaction of most Lebanese and people towards that incident. But when some people say “You Lebanese should Die” and “NO one wants you around” well… what can I say… speaking of RACISM!! You should check an article that were posted about the subject in a Saudi newspaper and read the comments… I have met people where I live that are far more racist than those two staff… I have been personally subjected to racism by people we think are the most developed and above humanity… This article should have been subjected to MEA in particular and maybe create a petition to create a Law in Lebanon that would forbid such racist acts and behaviors. Thus the Law will condemn each and every person that shows such behavior. If we get angry at each other and start name calling it doesn’t fix the issue... does it? Also, if those two ground staff in the MEA were fired... I highly doubt that would be a lesson to learn from to everyone else... A new scandal or interesting news will show in couple of months and people will forget about that… But then, what have you done about that in your article? Every person you meet on this planet is racist… its human’s nature... It is the country’s Laws to fight racism and that's what makes it a developed and respectful coutnry to the human rights...
    Two people were racist against 2 foreign nationalities and everyone got outraged with anger and hatred… But it has been almost 2 or 3 days that the Lebanese are being subjected to hatred comments from different nationalities and sadly from other Lebanese about how racist they are… and generalizing it onto everyone.. So here is my question: How less of racism is that against the initial incident??? !!!

    1. Hello LiLi

      I am sorry if you felt offended personaly from this post, but i just have one thing to say: Treat the others the way you want to be treated. If we lebanese are subject to racism, that does not give us the right to be racist against others.

      The post was agressive because we had enough of the lack of attention payed to expats and foreign workers in Lebanon, and this incident was the drop that made the glass overflow.

      I am a member in an anti-racism association, and last year i participated in a huge event against Racism in Switzerland and you what do you do against that ?

      and i am really sorry for you, if you think that our post is Racist! i think you might need to check the definition of Racism again.

      Thanks for reading :)

    2. 1. Treat others the way you want to be treated…. But aggressiveness and name calling is not the classy and peaceful way of sending a message.. You have shown in your comment another side of showing your disapproval on something… maybe you should have used this tone instead!!
      2. The post is aggressive, that’s correct... but do you think that by highlighting this incident in that matter is enough?? Maybe this should have been addressed to the right party so that the aggressiveness is well heard and channeled.
      3. Member of an anti-racism association in “Switzerland”...hmm... that’s really good… but just so you know Beirut “Used” to be called the Swiss of the East… sadly not anymore... maybe you’re an active member for an important cause... But if it’s not happening in Lebanon where your concerns are, then what impact does it make to this serious issue? I may not be able to be an “active member in an anti-racism association” but, I don’t have racism from within me… at least I know I can argue to that point to the fullest with calm nerves.
      4. The sarcastic tone doesn’t really show that you accept a different opinion or point of view. My main concern was, after hearing and reading different posts on this subject, all the Lebanese whether racist or not have been subjected to all sorts of insults. But what you cannot seem to read from my comment because maybe you are busy being sarcastic about who is not approving your point of view is that I do fight against racism, and I hate what those two staff did, but since you have the resources to reach a bigger group of people than I can’t, why not try to explain maybe that there are lots of Lebanese that are fighting against this whole racist idea in Lebanon and yet call for all of them to, again I repeat, sign a petition to be presented to the government in order for a more powerful party to act upon it. Why not make your anti-racist move here and now instead of angrily writing about it.
      5. I would really like to learn more from you about the MEANING of RACISM. I will be glad to be enlightened by your open mind.
      You have the resources; you have people reading this… I am a huge fan of your articles and I read every single one of them… But you have the power to be more active, to form a group and make your concerns heard on a wider level. Use that… and if some people comment in a different way that what you believe and think, you should accept that and not try to demean them and point fingers that we are always right and whoever doesn’t agree let them shut up!


    3. We accept all kind of comments, this post represents our point of view, and we believe in a society where people share different ideas and discuss them in an open minded way. Both of your comments were aggressive as if we wrote this post against you and we don't like that misunderstanding. Instead of reading the post in a positive way, you felt aggressed from the tone, we said we are sorry about that...

      Well i try to be active where i am right now and to work on myself for later, i had workshops and courses about racism and how to work against it, but too bad i don't live in lebanon to share my knowledge...but this will be my first plan when i settle back again in lebanon, and you'll be the first one of the list to come and share and work with us on this subject.

      And if you really read all of our articles, you know that sarcasm runs in our blood, we are very sarcastic people, even in normal life...and this is what makes Toom Extra, Toom Extra.

      A petition was created, and signed and shared against this issue so creating another one was not the point.

      And last but not least, i would like to meet you in person in lebanon, then you'll understand why i wrote this post, i am a very spontaneous , intuitive person and i don't think about my acts sometimes ( which is bad , but i stand up for what i feel and share )
      that's why this issue "stafazetné" to a point i had to write this just to share my anger.

      Thanks for reading Lili, and i hope you'll be reading us again...


  8. Thank you for this fucking awesome article, your frustration is understandable. I take the bus everyday and I see how drivers treat people with dark skin. Sometimes they're not allowed to sit, sometimes they're robbed (forced to pay more and then kicked out with a fat laugh), sometimes they're sexually harassed and laughed at. All openly, as if other passengers would find it normal because somehow foreign people are less humans then us...

    1. Yeah, my fight against racism is nurtured by 6 years of bus rides too....thank you :)

  9. It's a great article, but don't spend time being angry. These people are uneducated. Racism, sexism and discrimination will always prevail in Lebanon. As long as our Culture is always teaching us that we are teh best, discrimination will prevail. Pft. Stupid dumb people.


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