22.01.2013 Updates
It took me a while to update, although the reaction from ABC was quick. Two days after posting this, I get a call from ABC customer's service manager Mrs. R.S ( A very charming lady ) to discuss about the problem, we talked for a while on the phone and she invited me over for a coffee in ABC, I went and we talked, I explained again my point and she told me about the consequences and the measures they took with the parking employees.  Was it all "bullshit" ? I don't know, but I do know that ABC have a great customer service and they do respect your complaints and try to make the service better. 
Another surprise happened yesterday, I got a mail from the Marketing dept. in Boubess group 
(the group behind café de flore, Bob's, Kaiten, Napoletana, The met etc...) because they stumbled upon this post where I mentioned at the end something about "the shitty service in café de flore", it was about something that happened with my friend, and it was really unacceptable, won't go into details, but she'd already taken contact with them, and the problem was solved. But I was very pleased to read this email, and to see that customer service in Lebanon is getting better and better, serious companies are trying their best to please their customers, listen to their complaints and improve their services. 

Great reactions from ABC and Boubess group. 
Original Post: 
I promised I won't nag, I am just stating the facts.
Yesterday we decided to go and see "the hobbit" (again)! The cinemas in ABC dbayeh are great so we decided to go there. Of course after arriving an hour and a half later, I had to find a parking spot. I was searching for the holy grail for about 15 minutes when a light appeared and a white dove flew out in front of me whispering "follow me"... Is it a miracle? Is it magic? I found a spot! 
As I was happily parking, one of the guys who work in the parking lot, jumped in front of my car aggressively and told me: "Sorry mamnou3 el saff hon" / "Sorry, it's forbidden to park here" (it was not one of the places reserved for the valet, but really at the end). I asked calmly why? He said it's reserved and he pointed at a beast coming from behind. Another one of his accomplices was telling a lady in a huge 4x4 Porsche: "Madame, fi saffé honik, rja3é" / "Madam, there's a spot over there, come back". 
So I guessed the lady didn't find this spot, these guys were helping her, which is not their work, they should control the traffic in the parking, help you around, not forbid you to park because they want to give the place to someone else. He was standing now in the middle of the parking spot, I swear I was so angry, I could hit him if Jack wasn't around. I told him: "I am sorry, I found the place, now move away you (insert big insult in Arabic)!". Yes! At that moment I didn't care about being educated and polite.
He didn't want to move and I asked him: "Lei hiyé badda tsof eza ana l2it el mahal? Law ken ma3é Porsche kenet khalaytne sof?!" / "Why can she park here if I'm the one who found the spot! If I had a Porsche, you'd let me park?!".  He told me: "Eh! Law ken ma3ik Porsche kente safayté" / "Yes, if you had a Porsche, I would have let you park here". (I have a small rental car).
I was late for the movie, so I didn't want to make the problem bigger on the spot, I left, I found another spot 10 minutes later and I rushed to customer service downstairs asking to talk to the manager, she met me and was very pleasant, she took my number and told me she's going to take it further... Well I am still waiting for now, will not judge customer service before 10 days ( though I am sure my complaint will be forgotten, I will give them a chance to reply).
Quoting my favorite movie "Fight Club" I would like to tell you:
"You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank.
You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet."
If you have a better car than me, that doesn't make you superior. Even though 70% of ABC's shops are not targeting normal class people, and not to mention Café de Flore's shitty service (this is another great story) everyone is allowed to park in the first parking spot they find, and rich people if you really need help to park, there's a valet service for you, give them your car and let the normal people park in serenity. 
ABC I am still waiting for a reply, prove me wrong and show everyone that you still accept normal class citizens visiting you.


  1. something similar happened to me @ Wooden Bakery on the highway (Burj Hammoud).I was waiting for my turn to be served when a lady passed in front of me as if I was not there and started to speak in Armenian w\the salesperson(in this WB branch,the whole staff is Armenian).the sales helped her out,3adeh walaw,but by the look in my eyes she knew she made a mistake.I told her,in arabic:"so Armenians here are better served than the rest?are you aware this is discrimination?and just for the info too,I m Armenian by my father, I do not speak the language but I understand it.so do I deserve to buy some bread?"
    the poor girl was stunned,I ve decided not to make a fuss,but I found this disgusting.

    1. Hello Thank you for the comment, but i guess passing in front of people in queues is a common thing in Lebanon, i don't think the Armenian nationality have to do with this, but i understand that cutting lines is very annoying. Thank you for reading :)

  2. well...
    keep us updated!

    nd did u watch "the hobbit"? hihi.. it wld have made u more angry if u did! (ddnt like it at all) :P

  3. ah u said "again" what means u did like it! oups :S

    1. Jess i loved it and i 'd watch it again and again and again ;)

  4. I was invited with my wife to an Italian Restaurant in Sodeco.. After arrival, we found a parking place (by miracle) on the side of the street a little on the corner (There were other car parked as well).. 3 hours later and around 12:30 am, I found a "law enforcement official" placing a traffic ticket (Zabet) ONLY on my car's window shield.. I asked him for the reason of such behavior while my car in parked like all others, he simply told me: " ha2 3aleik..lei ma 3atayta lal valet?" (It is your fault, why you did not give it to the valet parking?)
    Shame on me..

    1. Shame on you, i guess the officer was the valet's best friend ;)

  5. Not only are the employees if placed more rude, there is new trend where people are just plain rude amongst each other. On many occasions I had people steal my parking spot at a mall without remorse, or those annoying shopkeepers in our neighborhood each blocking 2-3 spots for themselves leaving us nowhere to park.

    1. Yeah that's true, I actually was taking pictures of all the cars that were parked on 2 spots in many places, the country has turned into a jungle.

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