About the smoking ban...

I was among the people who didn't like the idea of the smoking ban.
I also thought that it's stupid and that it was not the right time to apply it in Lebanon.

I still think there are lots of other problems and laws that the Lebanese government must oversee and amend, but the main subject here is the smoking ban. 

I spent 2 months in Lebanon and that made me understand how important this ban is.
Being a smoker myself and a person who respect laws (I try my best respecting traffic rules in Lebanon, but if I drive like in Europe, I wouldn't be here to write about it!), I think that the positive points of the non-smoking ban for me are : 

- First: Your smell when you come back home after a night in a bar. During summer, I swear that my own bones smelled like cigarettes!

-Second: When you go out of a restaurant or a bar to smoke, you get to mingle and get to know the other smokers. I really made a lot of new friends in our usual pub in Jbeil (hint: it's a rock bar). They're people I used to see in summer, but never talk to, because everyone was sitting at the same place with the same group they came with, every time. 

-Third: You get to smoke less, especially if it's cold or raining (ok, if you want to smoke, you'll always find a way to stand under a small roof, but sometimes there are no roofs). So it's kind of cool, to smoke less. (And please non-smokers save me from your quit smoking speeches, it isn't as easy as preaching about it).

However, of all the places I've been to in Lebanon, only a few are applying the law. I once witnessed a huge fight between a restaurant owner and a guy from the "Touristic police": the owner of the restaurant -where everyone was smoking chicha inside- didn't want to pay the fine and was cursing the guy, as if he made the law. 

It's really "sadly funny" to see how restaurants are making changes in their interior designs to allow their clients to smoke, like Lina's in Kaslik and many other places. 
I think there is not enough control over this, Lebanese don't and will never apply a law, they think they are clever enough to get around it by demolishing a wall, or building a tent... It's really sad to see this, as if they don't want to progress in any way. 

I am very proud of my friends (the owners of the pub in jbeil) because they are applying the law perfectly, knowing that both of them are smokers. 
There is a great lesson to learn from them, that sometimes to make our country better, we must stick to laws, even if they are not 100 % in our benefit. This my friends is what I call : العيش المشترك

توم اكسترا يذكركم : إن التدخين يؤدي إلى العمى، العمى بقلبكن. 


  1. I love your little rants. And I love your health warning at the end and I agree. Smoking can lead to that.

    1. I can still read enough to thank you for the comment :P

  2. I like! +1 for "Lebanese don't and will never apply a law, they think they are clever enough to get around it by demolishing a wall, or building a tent... "

  3. Smoking bans are necessary, the results surely take some time to show up, people will slowly adopt them, you will see the changes only after five or ten years.


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