A run of fear and laughter

I remembered this epic moment in my history and decided to share it with you away from any warehouses, casseroles or wrenches hitting my head.

It was a mid-spring day a while ago. I'm working in my room when my mom screams while opening the entrance door of our house: a ram is standing at our front door preparing itself to eat mom's precious plant!
As I jump to the front door at my mum's scream, I recognize the ram:
it's my uncle's famous "Dabe3".
Yes, its name is "Dabe3" (Hyena or some sort of wolf in Arabic) and it grew to become pretty wild due to all the pampering it gets. A serious proof of that was the broken chain on its neck and its 15-step climb to reach the plant at our front door add to all that a journey of 200m to our house.

I shout, wave and do all sorts of silly moves until it finally flinches, turns around and leaves the way it came. Feeling very brave (hero-level bravery), I chase it for about 50m away from our house when it happened:
Dabe3 stops abruptly,
gives me the "I-got-you-exactly-where-I-want-you" look
and... CHARGES!
YES, the ram charged towards me!

Being a novice in this area I had an instant reflex: I grabbed it by its horns and tried to send it backwards. This idiotic gesture from my part got it even more outraged and made it go all buffalo-style-harlem-shake-charging on me!
At this instant, I had only one solution: RUNNING!
So, I started running while laughing at the same time.
I was running away... from a SHEEP!
A hell of a mad sheep it was!

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