Lebanese Bloggers Reinvent the World.

The electrical Pavlov experience.

Since we claim that we ARE the origin of the world, the origin of the alphabet, religions, hummus... well everything on earth is Lebanese! We asked ourselves this question: should we really reinvent the world before reinventing Lebanon? Reinventing Lebanon will exponentially reinvent the world, and it will be cheaper since it's on smaller scale.

To reinvent Lebanon, we have to reinvent the Lebanese because they are responsible for the country's illness.

We at Toom Extra Labs, invented a small chip programmed to recognize stupid Lebanese behavior.  This chip will be planted in the Lebanese citizen's body (in a discreet way of course), and will send different electric charges depending on the act and the level of stupidity involved.
Some examples to clarify a bit:
- Passing a red light / Throwing garbage out of the window / Double-parking
The chip will send a charge of 5 over 10 (intensity-wise)
- Fighting for political/religious purposes / Supporting and applauding untalented "artists"
The chip will send a charge of 7 over 10 (intensity-wise)
- Voting for the same corrupt people
The chip will send a charge of 9 over 10 (intensity-wise)
And so on...

Since these behaviors/electric charges are most likely to happen many times per month, week or even day, the Lebanese citizen will start thinking before doing any move, until his/her bad reflexes are totally cured and will not be passed to the future generations. 

That's how, ladies and gentlemen, we will reinvent a better world by simply "fixing" the Lebanese/Lebanon a.k.a. The Origin of The World. 

P.S.: The chip will work on solar power or body heat and cannot in any way be linked to the public or private electricity sectors.

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