Home Is Where Your Heart Is*

I had the chance to go visit Switzerland for a week to reunite with friends and family. It was a great vacation that was needed with all the stress I live in Lebanon. The weather was great, the natural sceneries unreal, the order, the politeness, the cleanliness, the color green, the history, ...
Yet, it all became nauseating for me towards the end of my journey...
Am I sick or what?
I guess I am, and I'm happy to have a sickness called "Lebanon".

With all the recent infuriating events taking place in Lebanon and the overall sickly/morbid "government" figure in place, I cannot but cling even more to this land - every inch of it...

I am not sure if chaos creates life or if it's our life that has been so mixed with the daily chaos that it becomes more... sexy?

I know for sure that Switzerland with all its beauty and all the above cited qualities will never have the essence and the soul of Lebanon emanating from its people, whomever they were.

Could you imagine:
a car in the middle of a popular area in Lebanon stopping to let a pedestrian pass?
Or a lunch where you only hear the sound of forks and knives on plates?
Or a bus with no sound but that of the engine?

I can't!

Suit yourself if you want to run from what is ours and claim it's worthless.
You are what makes Lebanon and it is where my heart is with all the love, appreciation, emotions and aching nostalgia that it all holds for family, friends, places and projects.

Lebanon's where my heart is and will forever be.

* Quote by Pliny the elder

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  1. One of the most beautiful "témoignage d'amour" I ever read! I love you Son and I love our crazy country "Lebanon's where my heart is and will forever be." :D


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