The generation with no history and no future.

This post is a reply to Samah’s.  At Toom Extra, we believe that we all have our opinions and we are free to express them, even if we disagree with each other.

I've known Samah for more than 10 years now, we have a very peaceful relationship, we agree on various things, we both have a “clownish” character, etc. He even told me once, that I was the female version of him.

But today I am gonna tell him : Sorry “sixy” I don’t agree with you.

For Toom Extra’s regular readers, you know for sure, how much I love Lebanon. I’ve been an expat for 6 years and I've spent these 6 years between airplanes and airports, crying, venting, and getting drunk before leaving my country. Lebanon is where my heart is and will forever be as well.


Human beings, workers, employees, citizens, animals deserve a better place to live in. I love chaos, I love the Lebanese spirit, where you can just show up at a friend’s house, order pizza at 2 am, dance until 6 am...(it took me 15 mins to think about something positive)

but we don’t deserve a country where MPs extend their legal time in the parliament, where a women gets beaten to death by her husband in front of her 5 children and where a man like him remains free because we don’t have a law that protects women from domestic violence.

We don’t deserve a country where any salafist can arm a few men and destroy a district, where a bomb can explode and kill our children and civilians any time, any day, anywhere!

We don’t deserve a country where an MP’s bodyguard can put my friends in jail because they are taking a picture near the MP’s car!

We don’t deserve a country where homosexuals go through anal tests, and are thrown in jail just for being who they are, and for living their lives as free human beings.

We deserve a country where a car stops for pedestrians! We deserve a country where we can go to the beach for free, because it’s a public property. We deserve a country where education is free and where we have a great social security system, an unemployment plan and a retirement plan.

Why don’t we have that?

Because of us ! Because of our constant denial, because of our nostalgia for “lebnen el akhadar” and “lebnen ya ot3et sama” ...
When soldiers were dying in “Abra” some people were posting their pictures from their weekends at Riccky’s on Facebook.
When the bomb exploded in “Dahyeh” this past tuesday, some were tweeting about Lana del Rey coming to Lebanon... I am not saying life should stop, but we are superficial beings. Lebanon is a lovely diamond dipped in shit, but all we see is the diamond’s top part but not it’s culet.

Now everyone will say : “What are you doing to your country other than typing behind your screen?” , Well my friends, I’ve been working with the people who want to make a change, and the only way we can move forward and get back our “Lebnen ot3et el sama” is by joining this movement.

The whole world is rebelling, and we are partying. We cannot be passive anymore, our rights were stolen from us, if we respect ourselves, we have to take them back. I urge you to do something, I love this country as much as you all do, I cannot see it sinking anymore, please act before it’s too late, before we become the generation with no history and no future.


  1. totally agree with what you wrote , the main problem is us the people who are still following the same people who are stealing , killing us and treating us like objects and not people.
    THE PEOPLE is the problem

    1. Thank you for the comment, that's why we have to take back the parliament by joining the movement, by changing our mentalities !

  2. You are writing about the real Lebanese people situation and struggle. I totally agree with the diamond in shit resemblance and the whole superficial approach to the problem which is:
    being in denial while blaming politics for our problems!

    Joined the movement and liked the page!
    Totally support such movements and activist of change!

    A Lebanese hesitating in coming back to her own country.

    1. Here's from another Lebanese hesitating in coming back as well....Thank you for reading, for commenting and for joining the movement...you can also be part of the active team and help us...


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