Lebanese or not?

There have never been better times than the current ones in Lebanon.
It was always a mix of gloomy, apprehensive, tensed, unpredictable, hopeful, shitty, bright, simple, fake, just-going-without-us-really-knowing-how-it-actually-is state...

But all in all it was and still is one thing: real.

This is our reality and it has been like this since my great grandpa's days, it's just the actors, the make-up, the decor, the accessories that have changed.

Today, we're at the bottom and it's getting worse and will keep getting exponentially worse relatively to the general decadent state of the world.
I cannot expect it to get better with corruption flawing the whole pyramid from its top to its bottom.
I cannot expect it to get better with plain imbeciles ruling, acting, teaching, managing, writing, designing, driving, constructing, blogging, etc... wherever I go because of who they know.
I cannot expect it to get better with all the "just-going-without-us-really-knowing-how-it-actually-is" state.
I cannot expect it to get better with a sectarian cancer embedded in our daily life, culture, regions, collective memory and system.

So, every Lebanese resident in Lebanon is in a fucked-up relationship with a cancer-ridden Lebanon, what is he/she going to do about it?
There are no grays here, it's either black or white, take it or leave it,
be Lebanese or be something else.

I've had it with wannabe Lebanese who don't know the value of Lebanon, and I can't stand the nagging, negativity and hatred anymore.

You can't stand living with chi'aa or sunnis or druzes or catholics or armenians or ...?
"oooo they want to eat us alive!"
"they are slowly outbumbering us!"
"they are so wild and free!"

Go find some desert of sand or snow and bury your fucking head there and everything will be alright for you!

Shit's everywhere on our doomed planet (and "shit" here refers to people, happenings & objects) and with all the shit that I've had in my life till now growing up in Lebanon, with all the insecurities I have, with all the dark days to come and with all the idiots surrounding me: I will stay here and fight the cancer my way.

What are you going to do?


  1. people are good at one thing... thats nagging. Thats the easiest thing to do in life... getting mad and angry wont get us anywhere... Im glad to hear someone is willing to stay and fight... My only hope is more of you unite to actually stand behind what really matters. Money is power in this life... sadly ofcourse... but outnumbering money is also power... Once the lebanese ignore the fact of who wore what and who did who and concentrate and educate themselves on what really matters... that would be the moment when lebanon will actually move forward rather than twenty steps back!

    1. True that Christine, I think there's hope over time. There's actually a minority thinking in the same direction and one's gotta do what he's gotta do. Thank you for reading.

  2. Hi Samah, thanks for your true motivation which honestly je ne sais plus d'ou tu la puises (sorry sometimes i can only say it in french :p) as i am personally quite discouraged and hopeless even though i'm still here...
    i totally agree with u on the fact that this has been going on for ages, just in a different "setup" now, and I'm irritated at the young educated people like us who keep on finding an excuse or another way of putting it just to defend one party or another...
    anyway, for what concerns me i have to say i'm lost. not only am i disgusted from the politicians and their "loyal" followers, but also from people's growing superficial attitudes, poor ethics and other things we face daily... and it makes me wonder how my potential kids would grow up here :) it's like we've become the intruders.
    To cut a long story short (la ano chakle fatahtella :P) i believe it's about what and how u decide to live, and the rest might seem just details...

    1. Hello Aline,
      thank you for sharing your opinion with us :)
      As I said, the "situation" won't get any better with time, however, we'll have to dream about it getting better if we choose to live in Lebanon and work with that in my mind whether we do it for ourselves, our children, our grand children or for the dinosaurs :)
      Have a great week!

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  4. be Lebanese or be something else.
    What a statement!
    what makes me sad is that people think that if they'll choose to fight for Lebanon, they'll be discarding their Religion.
    Yes, some people reached this point of corruption and sick belief.


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