About Toom Extra

In September 2010, the trio: Rana, Samah & Tony met & decided to found "Toom Extra".

"Toom Extra" is a social blog that criticizes or encourages Lebanese activities, news, actions and traditions in a style filled with humor and sarcasm.

Each one of us signs his posts with his Toom Extra nickname (tag):

   -Man'ouché w banjous : Tony 
   -NutCocktail : Samah
   -Tarboun el basilikum : Rana

Our mission is to break the routine and make you smile, think, laugh, cry or all of the mentioned together garnished with Toom Extra!

On December 31, 2013, ToomExtra was stopped as a project, leaving 3 great years and creative material that will help the future generations to build a better Lebanon.

Who wrote here? 

Ancestral blood is running through Rana Bassil's veins, as she is the daughter of the Gods from Jbeil, the city of her heart, but as her ancestors did, she traveled to Europe to live in Switzerland with her partner Jack. Even though she is quite a sensitive girl, she also definitively is a strong person like a real Mediterranean should be and a member of EspaceFemmes, an association empowering women and defying racism. Rana is also a graphic designer, but her artistic sides pushed her to sing in a blues and gospel choir, and on a related note, she is also an eternal German student. Rana is one of the most sociable persons on Earth and loves making other people laugh, while always dreaming to be a clown. She feels very lucky as she is surrounded by amazing friends and family. 

Artistic blood runs through the veins of Samah El Hakim, inherited from his very own family, but also from his very own nature: even though trying to forget himself in nature, colors or words, as a proper graphic designer should, he cannot resist finding an old rusting tin container, against a 
sun-lit window during a late afternoon in September romantic. This image tends to reveal his emotionality about things while being straight-forward whether in his words, actions, thinking and feeling. He loves to dream and connect with people around him. During his free time -beside being a founding member of your favorite blog- Samah works as a part-time instructor for two universities and manages his own creative studio: kook, with his lovely partners.

When you first meet Tony Karam, you’d wonder where this “salut, ça va?” dude comes from? Well Tony spent the past 10 years of his life in Paris, wandering around the Notre Dame de Paris, the Champs-Elysées, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvres. Holding a Telecommunications Engineering degree, he recently moved back to Lebanon to work between Paris and Beirut in Management Consulting. Influenced by stand-up comedies, impro-theater and classic Arabic poetry, his writings are a combination of sarcasm and nostalgia. He's not a complicated guy, with a twist of creativity, jokes, and some brilliant ideas from time to time. Thinking out of the box is one of his many traits.