In the Media

On T.V: 

Toom Extra team, special appearance on Lamasat magazine on future tv.
16.12.2012 ( click on the image, to watch the show) 

Toom Extra at Bi Beirut - Tony representing the trio. 
May 31, 2012

Toom Extra's trio at @MTV - for the launching of their book: Toom Extra - Season One
December 1, 2011

Toom Extra's trio at Helwi Beirut for the launching of their book: Toom Extra - Season One
November 28, 2011

Toom Extra's first appearance on Helwi Beirut - Samah represented the team. 
May, 2011

On the Radio:

Sawt el Mada-with Miss Samar Maalouf , September 2012.

In the Press:

Le commerce du Levant, Février 2012.

"... en 2011, note Lebanon Aggregator, la blogosphère Libanaise a commencé à susciter l'intérêt des marques, qui se sont rendues compte de leur potentiel de relations publiques.
Elle a également servie de tremplin vers la littérature [...] au trio Rana, Samah et Tony qui ont publié ToomExtra."

L'orient le jour Junior, Mars 2012.

Click to enlarge.

In Nahar Al Chabab : ( An article by Reine Bou Moussa )

On other blogs: 

Farah Nakouzy interviewed us on Feb.2011 for the arabnet blog :

Tarek Chemaly featured our book signing on his blog Beirut NTSC :

Rodrigue Harb who also took part of the book featured us on his blog  Left hand, red nose:

On websites: covered our book signing event you can check out the pictures here :


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