Toom Extra - The Books

On December 2, 2011 Toom Extra launched their first book:
Toom Extra - Season One. and the sequel Toom Extra - Season 2, followed it on December 19, 2012. 

The books commemorate the first and second year of Toom Extra and gathers a selection of our best 30 posts.

And since we, Toom Extra, encourage all positive elements in Lebanon,  since Art & artists are two of the most important elements, For season 1 : we have asked 30 Lebanese artists/illustrators if they can each contribute to this book. What a surprise it was when we got their full support and approval!

For season 2: we worked closely with photographers mainly our dear friend Paul Rizk, and we shot beautiful photos of Lebanese bloggers/associations/online activists. 

The results are Toom Extra - Season One and Toom Extra - Season Two, unique books that combines  the efforts of more than 30 persons!

We hope that you will like it and that Toom Extra will remain a platform for free/authentic speech that makes you laugh and cry.

May the "Toom" always remain "Extra"!

P.S: Toom Extra - Season One & Season two are now available at Virgin Megastore Lebanon and Librairie Antoine. You can also buy them on the internet from Librairie Antoine's website and get them delivered to your address all over the world!

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